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But all the credit cards don't offer the Cash Redemption option. HDFC Credit cards are an exception now. In 2019, HDFC provided this facility to redeem reward points as the statement credit. HDFC Credit Card Reward Points Redemption Process. Value of Reward Points - 1 Reward Point = 0.50 INR. How to redeem One Club Rewards point is awarded per eligible dollar charged on all Diners Club ® Card products, except for (i) the Professional Diners Club Credit Card that awards one Club Rewards point for every two dollars charged, (ii) the Diners Club Card Elite earns three Club Rewards points for every eligible dollar charged at grocery stores, supermarkets, drug stores, pharmacies and automobile fuel.

Earn 4 Reward Points for every Rs. 150/- spent; Redeem Reward Points for Miles with leading International and Domestic airlines and hotels. 1 Reward Point = 1 AirMile; Our Partners 70% points + 30% to be paid by card. You get 10X Rewards for the 30% that you pay by card. If you're new to HDFC Smartbuy redemption portal, here are the quick links to HDFC Infinia, HDFC Diners & HDFC Regalia portals. This is by far the simplest & easiest way to redeem your HDFC reward points for a maximum value To redeem reward points for cash, follow the instructions below: Login to HDFC Net Banking. Go to Card → Enquire → Redeem Reward Points → Select Card → Continue. On HDFC MyReward portal go to Redeem Reward Points → Cash Redemption. Enter the points to redeem and click on Proceed

How to Redeem Credit Card Reward Points at HDFC Bank. Preview 800 118 887 Just Now Select your Card, click on Continue to proceed to the Online Redemption portal. Step6 Click on Redeem Reward Points on the homepage. Step7 Select Points Range and Item Category to view catalogue.Step8 Select items by adding to shopping cart. Step9 Once all items you want to redeem are selected, click on View. HDFC Bank devalues Infinia and Diners Club Black Reward Points for Cash Redemption. HDFC Bank has devalued the reward points for their super premium credit cards, Infinia and Diners Club Black, for cash redemptions by 40%. HDFC Bank enabled the redemption of reward points for cash last year to cater the customers who don't travel a lot

Redeem Reward Points on exclusive reward redemption catalogue for HDFC Bank Diners Club Premium Credit Cards. For flight and hotel bookings, Diners Privilege/ Diners ClubMiles/ Diners Premium/ Diners Rewardz card members can redeem upto maximum of 70% of booking value through Reward Points How to redeem HDFC credit card reward points. For HDFC reward points redemption follow the steps below: Using Internet Banking. Step 1: Log in to NetBanking with your NetBanking ID and Password, then select the Credit Cards tab at the top of the page. Step 2: Add your credit card to the system (one-time activity

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  1. g your points are: Login to your HDFC credit card netbanking account. Register your credit card (if you haven't already). Select 'Redeem Reward Points' and continue to the online redemption portal
  2. Answer: For the HDFC Diner's Club credit card, 133 Reward Points equals 100 Air Miles. To avail this you need to fill in the air miles redemption voucher. This voucher shall consist of basic details like the airlines' name and the Frequent Flyer number (being a Frequent Flyer is mandatory to rede..
  3. HDFC Bank Diners Club Privilege credit card points value - Based on the reward points and redemption value - you will get a cashback of 1.33% on normal spending. Cashback will be equivalent to 6.33% for spending on HDFC SmartBuy Porta

Step 2- Go to the 'Credit Card' tab from the top bar. Step 3- Click on 'Redeem Reward Points' on the left panel. Step 4- Select the credit card for which you want to redeem points and click on 'Continue' after which you will be redirected to the Online Redemption Portal. Step 5- On the redemption portal homepage, click on 'Redeem. For flight and hotel bookings, HDFC Diners ClubMiles/Regalia Credit Card members can redeem up to maximum of 70% of booking value through Reward Points. Rest will have to be paid via Credit Card. This will be effective from 25 November 2019

HDFC Diners Club Rewards Credit Card is one of the popular credit cards that offer numerous benefits to enhance your lifestyle. The users enjoy advantages that come along with the card such as reward points, shopping benefits, hotel and flight bookings, and many more pockets for storing your Credit Cards / Reward Cards and Utility Cards along with a zippered pocket for keeping secure. It is designed to hold all your monetary and travel essentials. portable and compact, is easily held in handbag perfect for holding passport, cell phone, credit cards, tickets etc. Waterproof zipper will keep your documents saf Accelerated Rewards: 10X Rewards (13% Reward Rate) The major advantage of the card is its ability to convert reward points to Airmiles at 1:1 ratio which doubles your reward rate as long as you know how to get Rs.1 or more value out of the reward points HDFC Diners Club Rewards Credit Card. HDFC Diners Club Rewards Credit Card offers you 2500 reward points as welcome gift. Exclusive lounge access at airports and discounts on travel are attractive features of this card HDFC credit card reward points redemption - எச்டிஎப்சி கிரெடிட் கார்டு ரிவார்டு பாயின்ட் - கிரெடிட் கார்டு ரிவார்டு புள்ளிகளை எப்படி பணமாக நமது கணக்கில் வரவ

FAQs on HDFC Credit Card Reward Points. Do HDFC credit card reward points expire? The reward points that you earn on your HDFC credit card are valid for two years from the date you accrue them. If you have 1,000 points accrued on 28 February 2019, the reward points are valid till February of 2021 Instant redemption. 70% points + 30% to be paid by card. You get 10X Rewards for the 30% that you pay by card. If you're new to HDFC Smartbuy redemption portal, here are the quick links to HDFC Infinia, HDFC Diners & HDFC Regalia portals. This is by far the simplest & easiest way to redeem your HDFC reward points for a maximum value Answer (1 of 8): HDFC has recently made changes and now it allows for online redemption of Reward Points in form of cashback directly in the credit card statement. And the icing on the cake is that it now takes less than 2 days in reflecting the cashback in your credit card statement. This has co.. HDFC Bank, for the longest time, used to have a form to get your redemption requests in for your HDFC Reward Points. For HDFC Bank Diners Club cards and Infinia/Regalia cards; however, they allowed you to redeem your points for flight via individual portals they had created, and make transfer requests via the netbanking platform 1 Reward Point = Re. 0.15 Money Back / Solitaire / Business Money Back / Regalia/ Diners Club Miles/ Diners Premium/IOCL/ Business Regalia 1 Reward Point = Re. 0.20 Infinia / Diners Black/ BestPrice Save Max 1 Reward Point = Re. 0.30 Millennia /BestPrice Save Smart/Bharat 1 Reward Point = Re. 1 HDFC BANK CREDIT CARD CASHBACK REDEMPTION COUPO

HDFC Diners Club Rewardz Credit Card provides exciting travel benefits and rewards programs. It offers priority pass membership and lounge access, 15% discount on restaurants. Annual fee Rs 1000 Concierge service for travel assistance. On each INR 150 worth transaction earn 3 reward points. Redeem reward points on exclusive reward redemption catalogue for HDFC bank diners club rewardz credit cards. Spend INR 1 Lakh in 12 months and get renewal fee waived for next renewal year Answer (1 of 2): No it is not possible. They have a stringent rules in this aspect. Even if you redeem reward points against flight booking and cancel it, you will get back the refund amount in form of reward points only. P.S: Have tried all the possible ways for the same and also have lost arou..

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HDFC RP Value: 1Rs/point (redeemable for flights/hotels) Apart from above, you get amazing value while transferring points from Diners Club Miles to Vistara, as mentioned in the past as well, as that too transfers at 1:1. All other HDFC cards transfer at 2:1. So in most cases it's better not to transfer points to CV and limit yourself to Vistara 10,000 Reward Points on an annual spend of INR 5 Lakhs or more through credit cards. 15,000 Reward Points on annual spending of 8 Lakhs or more through credit card. 9 Club Vistara Points for spending every INR 100 on all Vistara flights. Each Reward Point is worth to the tune of 50 Paise. They are redeemed on the HDFC Bank Regalia Diners Club Black: 10,000 reward points for Travel vouchers worth Rs.10,000: CO-Branded: JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card: 30,000 Bonus JPMiles and 15 JetPrivilege Tier points within first 90 days* 8 JPMiles for every Rs. 150 spent and 3X JPMiles on every flight booked on www.jetairways.com: JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Signatur HDFC Bank had last year restructured the award redemptions for the HDFC Bank Club Miles and the HDFC Bank Regalia credit cards, where they limited the number of points you could use for only up to 70% of the cost of your travel redemptions.The rest 30% at the minimum had to be paid with the credit card. Now, this change is coming to the super-premium category with the Infinia & Diners Club. How can I redeem HDFC Diners credit card reward points at Others. -- Created at 20/06/2017, 20 Replies - Dost and Dimes -- India's Fastest growing Online Shopping Community to find Hottest deals, Coupon codes and Freebies

But HDFC Diners Club Premium credit card gives every year a welcome gift of 2500 reward points. HDFC Bank Reward Points Redemption. Earn 8 reward points for every Rs 150 retail spend on www.hdfcbankdinersclub.com. Earn 4 reward points for every Rs 150 retail spend (except fuel) The HDFC Diners Club Rewardz Credit Card is best suited for if you are a frequent traveller and would like to redeem reward points for booking air tickets and hotels. Available at an annual fee of Rs. 1,000, the card provides complimentary services to you with an extra range of rewards Compare HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card with HDFC Bank Diners ClubMiles Credit Card at paisabazaar.com. Check features, benefits & rewards and apply online for the card that suits you the best. 5 Reward points per Rs 150 on all retail transactions . 10X Reward Points on select partner brands HDFC Bank offers a redemption value of INR 0.70 per point on the SmartBuy Vouchers and Premium Rewards for Infinia and Diners Club Black Cardmembers until October 3, 2021. This is a 40% value gain for those interested in redeeming their points for vouchers instead of travel HDFC Diners Club Premium Credit Card gives you 4 reward points on the spending of Rs. 150 every time. Annual fee Rs. 2500 + GST charges. You get golf lessons across all over India. You get benefits from Taj Group. Get free unlimited airport lounge access across the whole country and limited airport lounge access internationally

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  1. Diners Rewards Program just got bigger and better with exciting new brands! Be it travel, shopping or personal care, now you have more ways to earn 10X Rewards with your HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit card. Enjoy 10X Reward Points on Partner Brands. (Offer Valid from 1st May to 31st May, 2021) Our Affiliated Brands
  2. HDFC Diners Club Miles Credit Card offers exciting travel benefits and rewards programs. It provides Priority pass membership and lounge access. You get 15% discount on restaurants and a premium experience at the international restaurants. Convert the reward points into air miles. The annual fee is less
  3. Key Highlights of HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card. A premium travel credit card with lifestyle benefits. Annual fee waiver on achieving milestone spends. Unlimited free access to more than 800 lounges across the globe. Complimentary golf games across golf courses in India and abroad

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Answer: The best redemption for HDFC Regalia points is unsurprisingly at its own portal. Search for Regalia on Google and it will give you the link for rewards program site for it. I have found that using the points to book flight tickets is the easiest and most rewarding way to use the points... I have recently found out that I have accumulated some 11k odd reward points with my HDFC CC, and it was good to know that the reward points can be redeemed for cash, which in my case was some 2k odd cash back to my credit card. I read somewhere that it also attracts some processing fee like 100-200 rs for the redemption JPMiles Redemption possibilities: i look at it as 2% reward rate which is lesser than my Diners Black Reward rate(3.3%) and Diners Black reward points can get me Revenue Tickets on any airlines. Another Sad thing is 10X rewards programme donot apply 24 thoughts on JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card Review Jay October.

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  1. You can redeem reward points at Travel bookings on dedicated HDFC Diners Club site ( 1 reward point = Rs 1) For flight and hotel bookings, HDFC Bank Diners Club Black card members can redeem upto maximum of 70% of booking value through Reward Points. Rest will have to be paid via Credit Card. Redeem Rewards Points on exclusive reward redemption catalogue for HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit.
  2. Rewards Collection. 1. 10X reward points: Get 10x Rewards points while you use your HDFC Diners Club Rewardz Credit for travel, shopping, entertainment or groceries, Offer valid till 30th September 2018. Maximum reward points earned per month is 2,000. Enjoy 10X Reward Points on all purchases in Smartbuy while you Compare and Shop, Compare and.
  3. a) The Offer is for customers who visit Amazon.in after being directed from HDFC Bank SmartBuy portal / mobile site and thereafter purchase products on Amazon.in using their HDFC Bank Debit Card / Credit Card to avail 5X Reward points on HDFC Bank Infinia or Diners Card , OR 2.5% platform cashback and 2.5 % Bonanza offer cashback on other HDFC Bank Credit cards, OR 2.5% platform cashback and 2.

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HDFC Diners Club ClubMiles Credit Card is a premium offering from HDFC Bank. Though this card competes with HDFC Bank Regalia First Credit Card, it provides better reward rate than the latter. The Diners Club ClubMiles Credit Card not only allows accelerated reward points accumulation using SmartBuy 10X program, but also allows exchange of those points with air miles of multiple airlines HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card to be issued in Metal form factor with additional features going forward. HDFC Bank's famous Infinia credit card is going for a new look. The credit card will be refreshed and launched as a metal credit card going forward, and new features are being put up on the card sometime in October 2021 as well. Details inside You can get 10x points when you use this card on international spending like shopping or buy something from a retailer shop etc. You get 2x reward points when you book hotels or flight tickets from the HDFC bank diners club premium website. #footable_7443, #footable_7443 table {. background-color: rgba (255, 255, 255, 1) !important

10X Reward Points on HDFC Bank Infinia, Diners Club and Regalia credit cards; 5% cash back on other HDFC Credit and Debit cards up â ¦ The world class privileges and other exciting offers attached to this prestigious card are fair enough to attract anyone towards this card. Whenever you will do online shopping above 150 rupees, you will get points that can be used â ¦ 6.HDFC Regalia First. HDFC Diners Clubmiles Credit card is considered as one of the premium credit cards by HDFC Bank. It offers several world-class benefits that ensure you have a smooth experience throughout the year. It comes under the category of ClubMiles. it looks similar to the credit card called HDFC Diners premium Card. the numbers and the name upon the card are embossed in gold color

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  1. HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card and HDFC Bank Diners Club Miles Credit Card. 1. 1. To convert HDFC Bank Reward Points to Club Vistara Points, customer must first register their Club Vistara membership ID with HDFC Bank. Please follow the below steps to register and then convert: Log in to your Net banking account
  2. To do so, here are the steps you need to follow: Log in to your HDFC credit card net banking account. Click on the 'credit cards' tab. Register your card and then click on the 'redeem reward points' and select 'continue'. The website will then redirect you to the rewards redemption page. Select 'Redeem Reward Points'
  3. If you own an HDFC IndianOil Credit Card, you can get 1 Fuel Point on spending Rs. 150 on other transactions rather than the fuel. Apart from that, you will also get a 5% Fuel Points with the card for groceries and bill payment
  4. Here is the HDFC diners club. Featuring the best rewards at the best charges, it is very suitable for common people. But not to compromise with the benefits - at Rs 1000 as the annual fee, you will get lounge access. So to know more, stick around to HDFC Diner's club miles credit card and its review. HDFC Diners Club Miles Credit Card
  5. HDFC Bank Diners Club Rewardz: Get Details on Features, Benefits, Offers, reward Points, Dinning offers on Diners Club Rewardz of HDFC Bank.. Presenting HDFC Bank Diners Club Rewardz, a Preferred Rewards Credit Card for frequent shoppin
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Answer (1 of 2): To earn maximum rewards points on HDFC Diners Club cards, try to maximize your card usage at Amazon, BigBasket, Uber, BookMyShow, Swiggy, Redbus (only through app), and Luxehues. Since at these stores you will get 10X reward points, i.e. 50 points per Rs.150 on Diners Black, 40 p.. Calculate Credit Card Reward Points when paying utility bills like electricity, gas, mobile, etc. Use HDFC Bank credit cards to pay utility bills & get cashback Rewards Redemption. You can redeem reward points at Travel bookings (Flights & Hotels) on Smartbuy Diners Portal ( 1 reward point = Rs 0.50) Redeem Reward Points on exclusive reward redemption catalogue for HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Cards HDFC Bank is carrying out an elaborate restructuring on card features and rewards for their members in the coming week. We usually love the HDFC Bank Diners Club Cards around here, but we do appreciate that a lot of our readers do use other HDFC Bank credit cards as well. The last round of devaluation happened last year, and the Bank did give a notice at that time as well Discover the exciting new ways you can use yours points. With Diners Clubs Rewards the possibilities are endless, so start enjoying them now. The Diners Club Rewards Program has received a 5 star outstanding value rating by CANSTAR in the categories of Frequent Flyer Rewards - $60,000 and $120,000 annual spend. BACK TO MEMBERS AREA

Disclaimer: HDFC Bank Diners Club Offers & Privileges is a platform for communication of personalized offers extended by Merchants to HDFC Bank's Customers. HDFC Bank is only communicating the offers extended by Merchants to its Customers and not Selling/Rendering any of these Products/Services Answer: Let us suppose that an average Diners Black user spends INR 5 Lacs/year (0.5 MN) (it's a super premium card). We first figure out how much Reward Points (RP) the user would be earning In an ideal world, one should be earning and redeeming all these reward points, however the truth is far..

So, read and choose. Apply for Credit Card. Table of Contents. 1 Credit Cards with Accelerated Reward Offers October 2021. 1.1 Citibank Rewards Credit Card. 1.2 JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card. 1.3 SBI Card ELITE. 1.4 Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards Platinum Credit Card Reward Program of HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card. Reward Points. HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card's reward rate is among the highest in India at 3.33% . One is earning 5 points for each Rs. 150 spent. So, if you are spending worth Rs. 15,000 using your credit card, you get 500 reward points Here, you can pay partial ticket/ payment or full ticket/ payment using points. If partial ticket or payment is paid using Points, the balance amount can be paid using your HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card. On successful Reward Point redemption, Redemption Voucher code will be sent to your HDFC Bank registered mobile number and email address

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HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card is one of the best credit cards in India considering its benefits, features, rewards and redemption value plus their on-going promotions. No other credit card beats its 33% reward redemption value with its ongoing HDFC 10x rewards program i.e. In simple terms, you get ₹33 back for every ₹100 spent on this credit card While the best use of HDFC Bank Points earned on Diners Club Black and Infinia continues on travel @ INR 1 per point price, unless you transfer it to Vistar HDFC Bank Diners Club Rewardz. 3 Reward Points per Rs.150. N/A. Intermiles HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card. 8 Intermiles per Rs.150. 16 Intermiles per Rs.150 spent on every flight ticket booked on www.intermiles.com. HDFC Times Platinum Credit Card. 2 Reward Points per Rs.150. 10 Reward Points per Rs.150 on dining on weekdays. HDFC Times. AIR MILES REDEMPTION FORM Dear Card Member, To redeem your Reward Points towards Air Miles (Jet Airways/KrisFlyer) ,please fill in this form carefully, in Block letters, and mail it to Rewards Helpdesk, HDFC Bank Cards Division, P.O. Box No 8654, Thiruvanmiyur P.O., Chennai — 600041 Please refer to your latest Credit Card statement to view the number of points available for redemption

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HDFC Bank Regalia First Credit Card - Features and Benefits. You can earn 1,000 reward points as a welcome benefit and 1,000 points as renewal benefit once the fee is paid. Spend Rs.3 lakh or more in a year and earn 5,000 reward points. Earn 7,500 reward points by spending Rs.6 lakh in a year Payment has to be done directly using the HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Cards. Transactions done on POS terminals at given Company Owned Salons of Lakme are eligible for 10X reward points. Transactions done on below online stores of Dermalogica, Crocs and Birkenstock are eligible for 10X rewards. https://shopcrocs.in/. https://dermalogicaindia.com

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With Diners Black, you get five reward points per ₹150 spent on the card. Each reward point is valued at ₹1, giving you a value of 3.3%. To make it even better, you get a whopping 10x reward points (50 reward points for every ₹150 spent) on SmartBuy bookings and other partners HDFC Diners Club Premium Credit Card. The HDFC Diners club premium credit card is designed for a frequent traveler. The card is offering various deals, offers, and privileges intended to make this card an ideal travel companion for the card user Redeem Air Miles, Cash Back & other rewards points via SMS to get exclusive reward offers with the Citi Credit Card rewards program! Learn how to redeem credit card points

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India-Based Airlines - HDFC Diners Club Credit Card (ex Jet Airways cobrand) - It seems now we can't transfer points to AA/Hyatt or other international airlines from HDFC Diners Black card They have also reduced the redemption on Jet Airways/Air India. Redeem Reward Point for AirMiles across Jet Airways (JPMiles), Ai Avail 2x Reward Points when you book hotels or air tickets on HDFC Bank Diners Club website using your HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card. HDFC Black Credit Card Fee Waiver If you spend Rs.5 Lakhs in a period of 12 months using this card, your renewal fee for the next year will be waived off But the card which stands out in this range is HDFC Diners Club Premium as it offers 10x Reward points (~13.33% reward rate) on international spends. Related Reading: My Best Travel Credit Cards for 2020 in Indi HDFC Bank Freedom Credit Card. HDFC Bank Freedom credit card is one of the top credit cards from HDFC bank. It is ideal for first-time credit card users. It comes with a range of features and multiple benefits including fast accumulation of reward points. The card offers bonus reward points on categories such as groceries, movies, dining and more The HDFC Bank Diners ClubMiles is an often ignored credit card overshadowed by its big brother (HDFC Diners Black) which offers some impressive benefits for travellers.ClubMiles is one of the best credit cards for beginner travellers and when combined with the 10x reward program can create some incredible travel redemptions

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Hdfc bank in partnership with Jet Airways & Diners Club recently released the HDFC Diners Jet Credit Card which is one of the topmost Card in India to accrue a lot of JPMiles. So its a merge of HDFC Bank + Jet Airways + Diners Club put into a single card which is a good combination because HDFC has its terminals widespread across India, Jet Airways known for its eye catching JPmiles program. Get 10X Reward Points on any Activity, Domestic/International Flight or Hotel booked on Cleartrip with HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card (Rewardz, Premium & Black range of cards).. Choose from over 13,000 Activities across India & over 500 Airlines & 3 Lac Hotels world-wide to takeoff this season with your friends or family HDFC Millennia Credit Card is an ideal choice for the lifestyle needs of millennials. Earn rewards and loyalty points on online shopping, dining, travel and more. The card offers upto 5% cashback for online spends and 1% cashback for offline purchases. Avail 1% waiver of fuel surcharges, subject to a maximum of Rs. 250 per month Which means that every time you swipe your card, you earn a reward in some or the other form. One of the most common ways of getting Credit Card rewards is through reward points. Now coming to the Redemption of HDFC reward points. The points earned using HDFC Credit Card are stored in the account which can then be used to buy Gift Vouchers. Comparison of HDFC Diners Club Miles and Millennia Credit Card. There are no welcome offers available on this credit card. - You will get 1000 Cash Points as a welcome benefit on the payment of joining fees. - You will also get a Gift Voucher of ₹1000 by spending ₹1 Lac in a quarter. - Earn 4 Reward Points on the expenditure of every ₹150

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Diners Club Cards Hdfc Bank Diners Club International Credit Cards. Hdfc Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card Review Details Offers Benefits Wealth18 Com. Diners Club Privilege Credit Card Avail Lifestyle Benefits Hdfc Bank. Hdfc Bank Devalues Infinia And Diners Club Black Reward Points For Cash Redemption Cardinfo To redeem reward points by HDFC credit cards, you must have at least 25000 points. After you earn your reward points, you will have to select Cash for redemption. Thus, with every 100 points, you will get Rs. 20 as moneyback rewards HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card. There is no pre-set spending limit on the HDFC Bank Infinia credit card. Reward Point Benefits; You can enjoy the benefit of 500 reward points one joining fee is paid. Rewards Redemption: - In this card, rewards can be used as a cashback, air miles, and gifts. Features And Benefits If you are a shopaholic and you love travelling, HDFC Regalia Credit Card is the best choice. You can also consider HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card, HDFC Diners Club Privilege Credit Card, and HDFC Millenia Credit Card to gain additional points, cashback, and rewards on your shopping HDFC Credit Cards are provided by HDFC Bank to meet out customer convenience. HDFC Credit Card offers variety of rewards which helps the customer to enjoy all types of transactions. Explore more details on types of credit cards, eligibility, benefits of HDFC Credit Card that are given in the article for your knowledge

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HDFC Diners Club Privilege Credit Card. InterMiles ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card. HDFC Diners Club Privilege Credit Card. Joining Fees. ₹1,250. ₹2,500. Editor's Rating. 4.3 Exclusive 24/7 Concierge Services on HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card; Cons. Joining and renewal fee is on the higher side; There are no benefits of reward points on fuel transactions; There's no facility of EMI conversion for convenient payment of credit card due

HDFC Diners club premium credit card is the best premium lifestyle card from HDFC. It comes with features such as Up to 15% discount at leading restaurants across India, Complimentary Airport lounge access in Diners Lounge Program, Redeem 10,000 reward points for Travel vouchers worth Rs.5000 on www.hdfcbankdinersclub.com SELECT `id` FROM `tbl_card` WHERE `title` = 'Hdfc Bank Diners Clubmiles Card' AND `card_type` = 'Credit Cards' HDFC Bank Diners ClubMiles Card - Lounge access, Benefits, Reward points HDFC Bank Diners ClubMiles Card - Benefits, Rewards, Eligibility Criteria, offers, Benefits, Features, Customer care number, logi Redeem your SBI Credit Card reward points for exciting products from our Reward Catalogue. Choose from our all e-voucher range with accelerated rewards India-Based Airlines - HDFC Diners Club Credit Card (ex Jet Airways cobrand) - Here is some good news: Looks like Conversion ratio for Black is still 1RP=1Mile. January 27, 2019. /. The Diners Club Black is the best Credit Card in India for Travel. Why do we feel so ? Well for starters, the card offers a whopping 33% (Yes that's thirty three percent and it is not a typographical error) across a variety of merchants in India via their 10x Rewards Programme Rewards Redemption: Direct credit to the card account. Verdict: Amount is credited right back into the HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card account.Not a lot of high end cards provide this feature. One that does, is SBI Visa Signature.SBI Visa Signature is a higher end card that provides much better returns, but comes with an annual fee of 6000