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My 2005 50 HP started experiencing problems right at it's 7 year anniversary (meaning my extended warranty is runiing out). The engine cuts off (like the ignition switch has been turned off but not) when the rpm is over about 3000 rpm. Usually it will start back up when I turn the switch to off then back to start. A few months ago, after many trips to the authorized mechanic it was determined. 2006 Evinrude E-tec 50hp (Model E50 No. 05131440) 2006 Evinrude E-tec 50hp (Model E50 No. 05131178) In fall of 2008, one motor (No. 05131178) died and it was determined that there was a cracked piston with a blown powerhead. The motor was fixed under warranty (~$4k worth of work). There was 80 hours on the motor When we purchased our E-TEC 10 years ago, this was our single biggest concern. Evinrude's parent corporation, OMC, had gone bankrupt, arguably due to problems with their Ficht fuel injection technology.Their sudden departure left a lot of customers and dealers in the lurch, and Evinrude's new owner, Canadian-based Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) was a relative unknown to the US. July 6, 2020 at 8:54 am #1954823. I'm aware that Evinrude is being eliminated, and I have seen several posts here and elsewhere stating that the E-Tec motors seem to have issues. Or maybe it's just brand-bashing, I can't tell. There may be a good deal available on a boat with a 2014 E-Tec 150, and I wanted to get thoughts from IDO Evinrude E-TEC 50hk 2013-11-04, 16:20. Skulle vilja veta om det är någon därute som bytt sin fyrtaktare till en Evinrude E-TEC. Hur är Köpte en Tohatsu 50 direktinsprutad 2T istället. Made in Japan precis som Yamman ;-) Hittills mkt nöjd med det ofrivilliga bytet

E-tec har vunnit och kommer högt på JD Powers anvåandarsundersönkning i USA. Et land som har nogot fler båtmotorar än man har här i Norden. Deras teknologi och motorer används på BMWs motorcyklar. Det är en av verdens största motorproducenter inom sin segment. Och flera har haft bra erfarenhet ochså på detta forum Evinrude E-Tec and E-Tec G2 outboard engines are history. This business segment had already been facing some challenges and the impact from the current context has forced our hand, he said in the release. With that announcement, more than 350 employees in Sturtevant,.

Re: EVINRUDE 50hp wont start I checked both spark plugs, no spark from either.<br />pretty depressing.<br />the Mod no: 55979C85<br />serial no: A351691<br />Evinrude 50 hp 2 stroke.<br />there is also the smell of unburnt fuel from where the spark plugs come out.<br />checked forward controls for sparks or short circuit when starting and gave it a light spray with WD40.<br />coils for each. I changed the old johnson 40 hp to a brand new Evinrude 50 e-tec! ecxellent motor Teknisk information Motortyp 50 HK Rak 2-cylindrig E-TEC D.I. Slagvolym 863 CC(0,9 L) Rek. varvtal vid full gas 5500-6000 RPM Bränsleinsprutning E-TEC Direct Injection Utväxling 2.9:1 Startsystem Elstart Trimsystem Powertrim & tilt Generator 81 A Reglage Mekaniskt fjärreglage Styrning Extern Oljetank Inbyggd 1,9 L Rigglängd 20(L) Vikt 109 Kg Serviceintervall 3 år / 300 timmar Garanti 5. Sidan 2-Evinrude E-TEC Båtar och sjöliv. Jag har jobbat på ett ställe som sålt Evinrude, Mercury och Suzuki. Utan att ljuga kan jag gott påstå att de som hade mest krångel var Evinrude, de var ofta in på garantiservicar och kom tom färdigt trasiga från fabrik lite nu och då 2004 evinrude e-tech 50 hp Not rated yet I have a 2004 E-tech 50 hp, it starts and idles great but when you go to throttle up it spits and sputters. I have put new has in and changed both plugs 1985 60 hp Evinrude cutting out Not rated yet I have a 1985 Evinrude 60hp

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Evinrude E-tec Question Evinrude E-tec Question. By KansasBoy13, September 1, 2009 in Tips & Tricks, Boat Help and Product Review. Share I have heard of some cold starting problems with the xd 50 but I would think it would have to be alot colder temps than this time of year. Evinrude utombordare Test : Bränsleförbrukning E-tec 2-takt / tvåtakt | Evinrude 25 hk 9.9 liter per timme | Evinrude 50 hk 17.8 liter per timme | Evinrude 75 hk 25.7 liter per timme | Evinrude 90 hk 29.1 liter per timme | Evinrude 115 hk 40.5 liter per timme | Evinrude 150 hk 57.0 liter per timme | Evinrude 225 hk 81.3 liter per timme | Evinrude 250 hk 99.9 liter per timme | Evinrude. This is a 90hp Evinrude E-TEC 2008 model with 8hrs of use, bought it with 8hrs on it. Got it tested and it was all good when I bought it. Was winterized, Ha..

25. Jun 2, 2002. #2. Re: Evinrude Oil Injection Problems. I let the oil resevoir get low and the VRO alarm whistle came on, refilled it, yet the alarm still goes off every 40 seconds. It's getting oil because it smokes badly at idle and the resevoir level drops correspondingly with fuel consumption The other outboards were: Evinrude E-Tec 50 (2004), Suzuki DFI50 (2005), Tohatsu 50 TLDI (2006) and Yamaha F50 EFI (2007). In the latest issue of Kippari, in addition to a report on the tested Mercury, the magazine give their own rating for each of the outboards that had been in use on the boat. The winner: Evinrude E-Tec, with a five star rating Evinrude E-Tec : 2020års försäljningsvillkor. Detta gäller alla Evinrude E-Tec motorer: Högt vridmoment redan från låga varv ger snabb start och hög acceleration. Låg bränsleförbrukning med E-Tec patenterat bränsleinsprutningssystem. Låg oljeförbrukning

Original review: Aug. 21, 2020. Purchased an E Tec 150 from Y Marina in 2010 and nothing but but problems. Went threw starters under warranty, found poor machining in lower unit drain plug at. Ellers er 50-60 hk E-Tec en sprek 2 syl motor som er rimelig i drift. Har du en solid forhandler i nærheten så kjøp det merket de fører, det er viktigere en selve merket i det lange løp. Har bare sammenliknet de prisene som forhandlerne på nettet (Finn.no) opererer med. 60 HK E-Tec får du fra ca 70 000, (samme med Merc 4 takt), mens Honda og Yamaha starter på i overkant av 90 000 June 18 th, 2015. Re: Loss of steering control hazard. Dear Evinrude Owner®, This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. BRP is conducting a voluntary safety recall on Evinrude E-TEC G2 74° V6 (3.4 L) outboards. Our records show that you are the owner of an outboard (s) affected by this. When we first started using the E-TEC, we ran regular NMMA certified TC-W3 2-stroke oil at the recommended nominal 50:1 ratio. This is the out-of-the-box setting. Contrary to some early misinformation on the Internet, any certified TC-W3 oil will work , although Evinrude would probably rather have you buy their branded TC-W3 ( XD-50 ) 2006 Evinrude E-TEC Outboards Two years ago Evinrude announced the release of the first E-TEC engines, ranging from 40 to 90 HP. These were revolutionary 2-stroke engines with lower emissions, better economy and less maintenance than 4-strokes. Last year the 3.3 Litre V6 E-TEC engines of 200 to 250 HP appeared to rave reviews of thei

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Download 2010 Evinrude E-TEC Repair Manual 40 50 60 HP. $ 9.99. This downloadable repair manual covers service and repair information on all 2010 Evinrude E-TEC 40hp, 50hp, 60hp, 52.7 cubic inch (.86 L), 2-Cylinder models. Download a factory repair manual straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone in seconds Jan 22, 2021. #4. TheBoyScout said: Hey guys I recently bought a boat that came with a 2007 150 evinrude etec. Ive taken it out 3x now and it started surging more and more frequently. It would have great power then all of a sudden drop RPMS then back up and down, it even died once. While running, the primer bulb would go flat almost instantly. Evinrude outboard engines are lightweight and feature quiet operation. Due to the presence of the E-Tec direct injection system, boat engines are highly economical, since the fuel is supplied directly to the combustion chamber, where it is layer-by-layer burning Evinrude Outboard Parts Forum. Ask the experts on our Evinrude Forum for repair issues, diagnosing problems, links to diagrams, suggestions on buying parts and more. They can answer questions for any Evinrude outboard model or horsepower. Topics: 3,240 Posts: 9,003. Last Post: FICHT Injector 2007 E-Tec Evinrude Repair Manuals For: 40 HP, 50 HP, 60 HP, 75 HP, 90 HP, 115 HP, 150 HP, 175 HP, 200 HP, 225 HP, 250 HP. 2008 E-Tech Evinrude Repair Manuals For.

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Vurderer å gå til anskaffelse av ny motor (50 - 60 HK) til min Hansvik 18 HT. Er det noen som har erfaringer med Evinrude sine E-tec motorer? Jeg tenker da mest på kvaliteten i forhold til de langt dyrere motorene fra Yamaha og Honda. Men også idaglig bruk. Kjører for det meste kortere turer i sk.. Evinrude E-Tec Fuel Injector Service. 1-888-771-Fuel ( 3835 ) Go to your Evinrude dealer only to buy a new injector. I had a engine failure and it is being rebuilt with a new power head. Should I have the injectors serviced ? A: Yes

Johnson Evinrude power pack diagrams, ignition module parts, and repair manuals. Troubleshooting tips: Power pack Johnson outboard, power pack vs. ignition module, Evinrude power pack, Evinrude power pack problems, Evinrude power pack troubleshooting, Evinrude power pack problems, Evinrude power pack testing, Evinrude power pack symptoms, Johnson power pack symptoms, Johnson power pack testing. Evinrude is a Bombardier brand. Its 40HP is an inline, two-cylinder outboard. Problems with the Evinrude 40HP outboard can include the starter motor not functioning, the engine not starting, the engine not turning off, power loss and the vessel not making forward progress. These kinds of problems can be corrected by. Evinrude E-TEC incorporates pistons made from a new alloy, which was developed by NASA. This alloy has proven to be 2 to 3 times stronger at operating temperature than the aluminum alloys pistons are traditionally made with. The pistons used in the 40 through 60 and the 75/90 are what's known as full-skirt pistons

Evinrude® E-TEC® 60 HP outboards, from serial number 5363195 to 5379022. BRP is conducting a voluntary recall of certain Evinrude E-TEC 60 HP outboard engines sold in the United States and Canada. BRP US Inc. and Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (collectively “BRP†) are conducting a voluntary safety recall on some Evinrude E. 2004 Evinrude 40 50 60 hp E-TEC EL PL Outboard Motor Owners Manual. Posted in Evinrude Brand Manuals, Evinrude E-TEC Manual, Evinrude Outboard Manual More... 2007 Evinrude 115 150 175 200 hp E-TEC PL PX SL HL CX Outboard Motor Owners Manual Evinrude Outboard Parts Forum. Collapse. Ask the experts on our Evinrude Forum for repair issues, diagnosing problems, links to diagrams, suggestions on buying parts and more. They can answer questions for any Evinrude outboard model or horsepower. Forums Evinrude E-TEC Evinrude's Family of Direct Injected 2-Strokes Ranging From 15- to 300-horsepower. Dubbed E-TEC, this family of direct-injected 2-stroke Evinrude motors are available in a broad array of ratings including: 15, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 and 90 horsepower. They are easy to operate and are fuel efficient

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  1. DOWNLOAD Evinrude Repair Manual 1957-2014 Models. An Evinrude outboard repair manual, termed Evinrude factory service manual, is a book of instructions outlining the process of routine maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as a complete description of how to fix the boat motor back to working order. It's a handbook dealership technicians.
  2. Used 2014 Evinrude 50HP E-Tec Warranty until 2020!! The story is that we sold the motor new to the original owner for his pontoon boat, He ended up going with a 90HP after a season, The engine runs excellent and no other issues besides the damage on the lower fin, Completely usable as is, Plus this engine is priced cheap
  3. Service Manual Evinrude E-TEC G2 74°V6 3.4L 200-225-250-300 Hp Part No # 5010014 E200LHA_ _ 20 SLX 13:24/0.542/1.85:1 DPS 1 Custom H.O. Digital EST 2 H.O
  4. Evinrude Cowling Replacement - Evinrude E-tec Cowling - Evinrude outboard cowling for sale - E-Tec - Top - Hood - New - Used - 4 hp - 5 hp - 6 hp - 8 hp - 9.9 hp - 15 hp - 20 hp - 25 hp - 35 hp - 40 hp - 50 hp - 55 hp - 60 hp - 70 hp - 75 hp - 90 hp - 115 hp - 135 hp - 150 hp - 175 hp - 200 hp - 225 hp - 250 hp - 300 hp - 2 strok
  5. Brand: Evinrude. Product Code: 5007209. $5.00. Availability: In Stock 1000. Add to Cart. Description. Associated downloads. Question - answer (0) This Service Manual covers outboards 2007 Evinrude E-tec 40-50-60 Hp

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  1. Evinrude E-tec 2006- 90hp stuck in idle mode. evinrude e-tech 2008 50 hp. when put in forward or reverse will not throttle up. engages and moves but throttle retarded similar as id it was in neutral. both injectors have failed over time but I have a Evinrude e-Tec 175 HP, 2013/14 and I am having trouble to get the winterprogram running
  2. BRP'S PRESS RELEASE. VALCOURT, Quebec, May 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BRP (TSX: DOO; NASDAQ: DOOO) announced today it has re-oriented its marine business by focusing on the growth of its boat brands with new technology and innovative marine products. We will discontinue production of Evinrude E-TEC and E-TEC G2 outboard engines
  3. Information on this page pertains to all 2007 thru 2014 Evinrude E-TEC outboard motors that crank but won't start. An outboard motor that cranks but will not start up and begin to work refers to when a crankshaft in an internal combustion engine rotates but fails to start the motor.The term cranks but won't start is an observation that should not be confused with similar starting.
  4. Evinrude 40 Hp Norseman series 403 - 1973 Workshop Service Manual Covers models 403 series. Item Number: 4907 Complete factory workshop manual for Vintage Outboard motors. Covers every aspect of service and repair with color diagrams. The manual is dated 1973 but is good for engines 1970 to 1973

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Evinrude's E-TEC 50-hp is one of the smaller of the line of workhorses. The engineering has enables Evinrude to make some profound claims regarding lack of required maintenance and a substantial reduction in moving parts which translates into longer life. today, we take a look at some of the key features of this little engine, and put it through a full test and performance revie Evinrude had a lot of trouble with product overlap with the legacy Etec engines when the new G2 was launched. Focusing on the G2 and moving away from the Etec line might have been a better strategy. Before Covid 19, there was every reason to believe Evinrude was executing on its long term plan Ski-Doo's parent company Bombardier Recreational Production (BRP) shocked the marine market this week, announcing that it is discontinuing its Evinrude E-TEC and E-TEC G2 outboard marine engine lineup to shift its marine focus entirely to boat making. Carolina Skiff 24 foot Ultra Elite w/ 250 H.O., Evinrude. The two-stroke outboard engines. When Evinrude's E-TEC G2 150 HP direct-injected two-stroke debuted in 2016, it was an outlier in the marine industry. All other 150s were based on inline four-cylinder platforms; Evinrude's was a V-6 with a large 2.7L block it shared with the 175 and 200 hp models JOHNSON EVINRUDE OUTBOARD SERVICE MANUALS DOWNLOAD: 2012 Johnson Evinrude 40 50 60 65 75 90 HP E-TEC Outboards Service Repair Manual. 2011 Johnson 200HP, 225HP, 250HP, 300HP (90 DEGREE V6) Outboard Service Repair Manual. 2009 Evinrude E-TEC 200,225,250,300 HP 90 DEGREE V6 Outboard Service Repair Manua

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2011 Evinrude 200 225 250 300 hp E-TEC HSL HVL HX PL PX PZ CX CZ 3.3 3.4 Liter 90 Outboard Boat Motor Owners Manual. Posted in BRP Brand Manuals, Evinrude Brand Manuals, Evinrude E-TEC Manual, Evinrude Outboard Manual More.. Download 2007 Evinrude E-TEC Repair Manual 40 50 60 HP. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. ( 1 customer review) $ 9.99. This downloadable repair manual covers service and repair information on all 2007 Evinrude E-TEC 40hp, 50hp, 60hp models. Download a factory repair manual straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone in seconds

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  1. The new E-TEC 60 H.O. model adds some brawn to the Evinrude mid-size outboard range. Intended to power pontoon and heavy fishing boats, the E-TEC 60 H.O. shares its three-cylinder, 1.3-liter powerhead with the E-TEC 75 and E-TEC 90 models, and offers a whopping 50 percent more displacement than the standard Evinrude E-TEC 60, which is a 863cc twin
  2. 113-Year-Old Evinrude Outboard Engine Brand to Shut Down. By Bay Bulletin /. May 28, 2020. Today, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) announced that it is immediately shutting down production of the venerable Evinrude outboard engines in order to focus on its other marine endeavors. The Evinrude engine was invented by Ole Evinrude in 1907.
  3. Find the full specs for the Evinrude E-TEC. Whatever the engine type, you have the entire technical specifications for a better choice
  4. The new Evinrude E-TEC engines, first announced to Australian dealers in July 2003, can do all that and more. Outboard consumer surveys, conducted around the world in The new 2 cylinder E-TEC is available in 40, 50 and 60 HP versions 3 Cylinder E-TEC models come in 75 and 90 HP sizes. E-TEC Injecto
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Evinrude Outboard Motors. 2018 Evinrude E-TEC G2 150 H.O. C150FXH Outboard Motor. $ 7,876.00. Add to cart. Compare. Evinrude Outboard Motors. 2018 Evinrude E-TEC 90 HP E90DSL Outboard Motor. $ 4,728.00 2020 Evinrude 225 H.O. H225HGXF Outboard Motor Specifications Engine Type: H.O. V6 74° E-TEC G2 D.I. Bore x Stroke - in (mm).. $12,782.0 The E-TEC 50 outboard is the middle of a trio of twin-cylinder models from 40 to 60hp, with only the E-TEC 60 differing in that it has a two-stage exhaust system to give increased top-end power. Like its counterparts, the Evinrude E-TEC 50 outboard has a mix of stratified and homogenous combustion with the changeover point at 1500rpm Our E-Tec 50 HP E-Tec Models Johnson Evinrude Outboard Engines workshop manuals contain in-depth maintenance, service and repair information. Get your eManual now

I have a 08' Evinrude E-Tec Ho 150, with right at 100 hours on the motor, and blew an injector today at Fork. Has anyone had simular problems/ outcomes! The motor has warranty left, but I still dont like the fact that the engine only has 100 hours on, and is blowing injectors 50 Hp Evinrude Wiring Diagram - thanks for visiting my internet site, this message will certainly go over about 50 Hp Evinrude Wiring Diagram. We have accumulated lots of photos, ideally this picture serves for you, and help you in locating the answer you are searching for. Description : Mastertech Marine -- Chrysle Evinrude is a Bombardier brand. Its 40HP is an inline, two-cylinder outboard. Problems with the Evinrude 40HP outboard can include the starter motor not functioning, the engine not starting, the engine not turning off, power loss and the vessel not making forward progress. These kinds of problems can be corrected by. Johnson/Evinrude/OMC Reservdelar. Utförsäljning av OMC reservdelar. Begränsat antal till nedan priser. Med risk för slutförsäljning. Evinrude/Johnson/OMC Kolvringset 385349. 425kr. Evinrude/Johnson/OMC Armatur 0386679. 850kr. Evinrude/Johnson/OMC Bricka 0318296

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1958-1972 Johnson-Evinrude 50hp to 125hp Repair Manual 1965-1970 Johnson-Evinrude 1.5hp to 40hp Repair Manual 1973-1990 Johnson-Evinrude 48hp to 235hp Repair Manual 1990-2001 Johnson-Evinrude 1.25hp to 70hp Repair Manual 1992-2001 Johnson-Evinrude 65-300hp Repair Manual 1999 Johnson EE 25-35hp 3-Cylinder Repair Manual 2004 Johnson-Evinrude 9.9hp to 15hp Repair Manual (2-Stroke Only) 2004. evinrude E-TEC 50 Voertuig type Vrachtwagen Aanhanger Bus Lichte bedrijfs voertuigen Tractor Isobus Harvest equipment Self-propelled and trailing implement Ohw - heavy equipment Stationaire motoren Veegmachines Ohw - compact equipment Mhe - material handling equipment Jet ski Buitenboord motor Binnenboord moto 50-hp-evinrude-motor-manual-websites-problems-solutions 1/6 Downloaded from crisp.currikistudio.org on October 8, 2021 by guest [MOBI] 50 Hp Evinrude Motor Manual Websites Problems Solutions When somebody should go to the books stores, search establishment by shop, shelf by shelf, it is in fact problematic

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50 55 60 70 75 90 100 115 130 135 140 150 175 200 225 250 AP = Advanced Propulsion B = Blue Paint C = Counter Rotation D = Evinrude E-TEC E = Electric Start w/Remote Steering F = Direct-Injection G = Graphite Paint H = Lightning Gearcase J = Jet Drive M = Military P = Power.

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Sir Evinrude had some problems with the 25 and 30 on certain installations. Water would come up the lower motor covers when underway at certain speeds and could get into the air intake. hi i have a Evinrude E-tec 50 hp. the 10amp main fuse blows. have disconnected all instruments and it blew.. Evinrude, on the other hand, covers their engines for a 36-month period plus 24-months through their B.E.S.T. warranty program. Owners are required to pay the first $50 in costs for repairs after the first 36 months of coverage . This can be costly if multiple repairs are needed during the initial warranty period Genuine evinrude johnson etec outboard boat engine Original Genuine VRO Fuel Pump and Limiter Kits View Items on Sale Now: Service Manuals Evinrude Service Manual Johnson Service Manual: OIL & ENGINE CARE. Evinrude e-tec g2 - outboard motor of the future Evinrude is changing the industry by offering a completely unique and custom E-TEC motor.. Evinrude e-tec 50-hp outboard 2011 engine test.

Problems With an Evinrude E-TEC Outboard It Still Run . EVINRUDE e-tec 90ps 2004 Probleme Motoren und Antriebstechni ; ated, and I have seen several posts here and elsewhere stating that the E-Tec motors seem to have issues. Or maybe it's just brand-bashing, I can't tell. Evinrude E-TEC setzt den Leistungsmaßstab für Außenbordmotoren The '50s saw a spirited return to outboards with the first mass-produced, die-cast aluminum product ever marketed—a four-cylinder, 50-hp powerhouse. And then, as the '60s and early '70s arrived, Evinrude and OMC began selling thousands of outboards globally and making money hand over fist DOWNLOAD 2007 Evinrude E-TEC Repair Manual 40 50 60 HP. INSTANT DOWNLOAD a service repair manual for a 2007 Evinrude E-TEC outboard engine. This manual covers every aspect of maintenance and repair. From a simple oil change to complete engine overhaul . It also contains a complete troubleshooting guide and high quality images Evinrude E-TEC 40 50 60 65 75 90 Repair Manual Evinrude E-TEC HP Repair Manual Evinrude E-TEC HP Repair Manual. The 40hp E-TEC is a detuned 60hp E-TEC. Based on the research I have done, one E-TEC model is no more reliable or more fuel efficient than the other. All E-TEC outboard motors are fuel efficient and reliable. I have a Evinrude E-TEC 40hp BRP exits outboard motor business. May 28, 2020. Canadian company BRP stunned the recreational boating industry with their announcement it will immediately stop making Evinrude outboards. Our outboard engines business has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, obliging us to discontinue production of our outboard motors immediately

Manuals and User Guides for Evinrude E-Tec 50 HP. We have 1 Evinrude E-Tec 50 HP manual available for free PDF download Service Manual Evinrude E-Tec 50 HP Service Manual ( pages). So e-tec evinrude brp service manual 40hp, 50hp, 60hp e-tec models pn PRINTED BRP US Inc. PLEASE LOOK AT PICTURES FOR WHAT MODELS ARE COVERED In the event that you are considering Evinrude E Tec 50 Outboard Engines & Components, you have certainly come to the appropriate place. Generally there are certainly a number of sites to purchase from on the world wide web, yet you have indeed chosen our web page and we value this considerably

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Evinrude G2 Diagnostic kit + EvDiag v.6. Review (s): 1. Diagnostic kit for Evinrude G2 Outboard Engines Using this Diagnostic Kit with the Evinrude ® Diagnostics Software Program, you can make many tests and analyses of E-TEC G2 outboard engines Ok fellas. Looking for some advice. I am going to repower my Shoalwater 14.5 scooter. Its had a Nissan 50 hp on it for years now that has treated me well but when I did run into a problem it was nearly impossible to find parts for it. The search has come down to a Mercury 50hp 2-stroke or an.. Advantages of the Evinrude Outboard. 1. Less Fuel Burnout. One of the first advantages to the Evinrude Outboard in the Evinrude vs Yamaha debate concerns fuel, an important boating feature to keep in mind. The new Evinrude E-TEC Outboard is equipped to provide a boater with less fuel burn out than ever before

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2017 Evinrude E60DPGL 2017 Evinrude E-tec 60Hp (E60DPGL / direct injected / 2-stroke / 2 cylinder / oil injected / power trim and tilt / electric start / 20 shaft length / 250lbs. weight / remote model / motor only / graphite or white color / 3 year warranty) This Service Manual covers the following models of Evinrude outboards 40 hp E-Tec, 2 cyl, 2-stroke 50 hp E-Tec, 2 cyl, 2-stroke. A high quality PDF service manual for a EVINRUDE JOHNSON 50HP 4-STROKE OUTBOARD. The repair manual download will show you every nut and bolt on your vehicle and will direct you on every mechanical procedure imaginable Evinrude's E-TEC 115 has not only billed itself as a stand-alone powerhorse, but also as a likely upgrade to the venerable 90 E-TEC. In our opinion, this 115 E-TEC has enough power to handle hard running offshore, as well as vigorous watersports inshore. Key Features. No inspections or adjustments, no changing gearcase lube, no spring tune-ups Seloc Marine Engine Repair Guide and Online Repair Service for Evinrude Engines. Seloc takes repair into the 21st century, by allowing users to access our electronic database for up-to-the minute information on your engine. Users have access to complete engine maintenance and repair information along with quick access buttons to Maintenance. E-TEC Direct Injection Operating range: 5500-6000 rpm Gear Ratio: 2.15:1 Alternator: Variable 56 Amps Displacement: 35.3 cu. in. Pumpjet Gear Case The operation of the outboard motor with a Pump Jet modification is similar to the operation of an outboard motor with a propeller

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Rebuilt powerheads for Johnson and Evinrude V6 outboards are covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. A base gasket set is included with each powerhead, so there's no need to order one separately. Prices include shipping in the continental US, including the return of your core for credit where applicable Evinrude G2 Outboards. The Evinrude E-TEC line proves that two-stroke outboard engines still have a place on today's ocean - in a big way.. There was a time when many outboard engine aficionados thought two-strokes might go the way of the dodo bird, but if you've been keeping up with the news lately you probably noticed that Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards recently won top product honors.